Monday, February 4, 2013

Embrace the Sky

 Skies filled with color
I watch with awe
Skies filled with light
I watch with wonder

Skies filled with hope
Skies showing the journey
I embrace the sky.

Embrace the Sky art doll
Embrace the sky is the 3rd doll (talisman doll) I made for Barb Kobe's Medicine Doll Workshop.

The past few months have been a roller coaster of emotions and physical issues, so I had a hard time working on this. Moving, settling into the new place, issues with family and husband have all combined ti snap my creative energy. My new craft room is in a dark storage room, which hasn't helped, but I am going to correct that as soon as possible.

Embrace the sky is the result of much introspection about where I am and where I'd like to be. The two spots are very far apart, but I am on the journey.

When mulling over the list of things I need to change, I realized that the biggest issue I have is shying away from anything and everything, sticking to safe and dull. I need to step out and try new things,  and stop being afraid.

A huge comfort for me is sky gazing. I love clouds, stars, the moon, the sun, and yes, even lightning storms. I love finding places where I can see vast expanses of sky. Maybe I need to move out west!

When starting the doll, I knew I wanted to represent some aspect of this, so I put her flying through the air. I used a rainbow organza to show all the lovely colors the sky can be at different times.  There are clear beads and colored beads stitched all over the dress (which my lousy photography did not capture) so she reflects light.

Her hair is reddish orange like the sun and she gazes straight ahead so she is not missing any part of
the journey. She holds a bowl to catch everything she might normally miss or avoid purposely. She can tilt the bowl to scatter the negative things. The bowl has stars in it. I still like to go outside in the evenings and touch my childhood by looking for the first star and wishing on it. Yes, I admit it.... does anyone else do that, I wonder?

It is rare for me to work with such bright colors, but it was a good experience. I enjoyed seeing the colors of the organza shimmer and change as I worked with it. 

I need to embrace more color in my life. I need to embrace my journey and know that my pain and suffering can turn into something beautiful if I allow it. I need to embrace the sky.

Embrace the Sky art doll detail

technical stuff:
body is 2D, muslin stuffed with polyfil and quartz crystals.
arms are wire wrapped cotton strips, wound with rainbow thread and beads. 
dress is rainbow organza embellished with glass beads.
Her belt is rainbow threads with bead embellishments. Dangling is a "wish" charm.
hair is mohair and funky fiber yarn.
face is acrylic paints
bowl is papier mache covered with tissue paper print of a garden.
inside bowl are confetti stars in silver.

Not for medicine doll workshop, but an offshoot of thinking about how much I love to be a part of nature is Winter Queen:

Winter Queen art doll

She is papier mache with a jar holding shimmery snow as her base/skirt. I used pale icy blue fabric for the dress and white satin and white organza for the cape. Her muff is a thread spool wrapped with white yarn. It was fun to purposely limit my palette but I just had to use the red mohair for the hair.

Thanks for spending time with me today. It's always a pleasure to have you as a guest! Love to you and yours, Angie

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  1. I think both dolls are lovely but I have a crush on your talisman doll.

    I don't have a craft room, I use my kitchen table and the sofa in the TV room. Take care.

  2. When I went there to move in my stuff, the staff member on duty walked me up to my unit, and also demonstrated me how to use the elevator and lock, and offered to do this anytime I came in.


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